Stop It Is In My Head - Adoniemar Doliguez

"Stop It Is In My Head Lyrics"

You can't say anything
if it is the most powerful thing
I don't know...
I don't know what to do
is it me or is it you

I've tried hard enough
but seems it needs more, coz
enough is not just enough

Stop... That's I wanted
wanted that I need
stop it is in my head...
Stop... Please... Stop...

From web to bacon that I'm here
here that I wish so much tears
Hope that I was in a right house
or maybe this will be my regret

the sounds of my trembling heart
the soul wanted to let go
to let... anyone know...
I know I've been wrong, but I just did my part

Stop... That's I wanted
wanted that I need
Stop... it is in my head
gazing the eye of what it seems
Stop.,.. Please.. Stop...

For so long that I've been through
I occupied me and you
since you sounds as a roaring wind
roar like a thunder with lightning

I just wanted you to STOP...

That's what I wanted.

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