Morning A head

There are many circumstances that I encounter this month, August what crucial month for me. I don't know if why God given me this kind of obstacles. How do I start ah! with my quarrel between my older sister. OMG! I don't know if it is my problem or not, but you know what if you are going to ask me, it's not my fault.

Many things happen in our house especially with my nephew and her mother which is my older sister. Afterwards I've been scolded with my Boss. huhuhuhu I really need compassionate friend that willing to listen in my thoughts and feelings. And guess what after those things happen another happen again.

The story was I just deactivated my facebook account since I am one of the admin of the Secret group which I made in the company this what happen, my boss thought that I blocked her as my friends list, then my eyes get bigger and puzzled feeling. OM! it's not I've just deactivated my account. see what a crucial month.

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