Barkadang Walang Pakialam!!! Huhuhu!

once der was a grup of barkada, 1 of em planned 2 have a vacation 3p just 2 have fun n gudtym w/ each other…. so he rote a letter 2 ol , sayin “Tol! Lets have some fun, gimik tayo! I,ll wait u all 9 am at d road nir our tambayan… But dey wer so bc dat day!... so dey decided not 2 come…L8 afternun, som1 informed them that their frend d hospital 3 hours L8r having a brain cancer and he has only 1 day 2 live,,,…. and dat day is his last…. D doctor gave his last letter 2 his frends and read…” Tol tagal nyo una na ko!!!!!

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