Basic Sentence Patterns

In this lesson, you will learn the elements of a sentence.  There are 5 basic sentence patterns in English.  Before we start this lesson (or after class in the lab) go to these 5 websites.    Click the buttons on the screen at each site to see sentences with these patterns.

The 5 Basic Patterns 
Subject + Verb 
I swim. Joe swims. They swam.
Subject + Verb + Object  
I drive a car. Joe plays the guitar. They ate dinner.
Subject + Verb + Complement 
I am busy. Joe became a doctor. They look sick.
Subject + Verb + Indirect Object + Direct Object 
I gave her a gift. She teaches us English.
The last pattern is for level 5 and grammar, and you will not see it in your level 4 classes, but you can look at it now if you want.
Subject + Verb + Object + Complement 
I left the door open. We elected him president. They named her Jane.

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