Blind Items at School! CHIKA ta!

Congratulations to the winner of "Parangalan" at NDSCP year 2011... hope you will be participated this coming event!!! Ahahahahaha...

Aba may latest chika Ako!
let me countdown my gossip from rank 3 going to rank 1.... a blind item special edition
  1. Blind item a 2 lover were break together then it happens that those 2 lover look for another Lover!!!!, WHAT! OMG... Clue!!! kahit saan nandiyan sila
  2. The second Blind Item was, 3 person are excited with lust! so the things that they desire! was, they make a special session1 then a secret revelation will going to explode someday!!! harharhar!!! Who do you think!
  3. Last Blind item, there is a two person who get argue about a paper! when our source says that " at future that things will be unsolved" what does it means! CORNY!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

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