All I dare my Assassin!

Oh! I really Need someone to talk with of my problem,!!! i have a new code name of my Following nemesis

"Co-The-Amazing" a very Powerful Assassin which have a power of strength and a mind reader , he can predict which do you use, also he has ability that can control your mind when you talk to him! So I Must be careful with him!... His head worth $2,326,452.21

"Blue Rose" this woman is very powerful in the ability of fast... OMG! she don't have any weakness in her ability but when the times when we fight HUH! I caught her weakness she cannot really see purely she is a night blindness How poor she is!!! Will the only thing that I could say to her is that Come and attack me Cuz! I know you are weak!!! HAHAHAHAHA  worth of her head $1,985,456,58

other Missing Assassin Codes that became my nemesis was

"Thunder Fang" $5,452,893.24
"Lil George" $3,258,785.96

note: This is just a story of my mind!

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