The big Star of the NDSP (Notre Dame Siena College of Polomolok)

Want to know who are the big star or the Popular student of NDSP well, In my own opinion about it, I'll Listed the popular Student of NDSCP!!!!

Walang Personalan HUH! Just Blogging!!! Hahahaha!!!

1. Mark Desyl Dayag
SSC President of NDSCP! Also he won the Mr. Intrams he has a popularity rate 92.78%
2. John Carlo Tahitit 
President of AB English Department 90.56%
3. Gerlie Traya
One of the popular women of NDSP 90.25%
4. Eugine Ines
As a student a he made his popularity of his Work as a Blogger!
5. Hearthy Labrilla
The president of education department!

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